Who We Are.. !!

A family of 15 quirky geeks, nerds, writers and artists who eat, drink, breathe and sleep digital. Fleet24x7 is a buzzing work place. The work is exciting and so is the work environment !!


At Fleet24x7, we believe that our employees are our most valuable resource and hence we provide the platform to foster their professional and personal growth in alignment with the growth of the organisation. We encourage experimentation and innovation. We provide a seamless platform which has no barriers for sharing of new ideas and concepts. At Fleet24x7 the journey begins from day one. Responsibilities come along with opportunities to learn, share and grow fast. We strongly believe in every member of our family and that is why we continuously strive to give them opportunities to challenge themselves, hone their skills and grow.


We do not really care much about your degrees or pedigree or the lack of it, as long as your passion and results do the talking. Gifted engineers with a bent for broken computers are welcome here. Writers with nocturnal undertones are invited to ascend the mighty stairs (we are on the 1st/2nd/3rd floor) that lead to our office. We hunt the dreamers, the achievers and the learners. If all of this excites you, if you think you have the right attitude to work in a high-energy environment, if you can handle the breakneck speed of our growth, if you think you can fit our requirements and can match the fast-paced world of e-commerce, please do contact us and we would love to create the RIGHT position for you...!!