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What We Do


We offer data security such that no 3rd Party is able to access the client data or the operator data.


Be it Operators or Clients, everybody on our platform is vetted. Clients can rest assured that they are getting cabs with verified documentation. Operators will know where the booking is coming from and where their car is, at all times

Web-based Portal

Unlike a software, which is prone to glitches and downtime, we provide a web-based portal which is up and running 24x7. A web-based portal ensures that you never lose your data

Paperless Billing

All booking details are visible on the dashboard – no need for maintaining bulky registers! Using our portal, Bill Generation can be done automatically – we also incorporate TDS and GST Additionally, by using the Driver App, bill can be generated when the client is being dropped off

Seamless Booking Flow

Get email alerts for potential bookings. Communication to client/operator/driver upon confirmation. Manage your bookings with ease – details of past, current, and upcoming bookings are visible on the portal